Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Can someone tell my why that was funny?

So worship on Sunday went really well. I'm really not sure of how it all sounded out there, but I know practice went really well, and I think it went well during the service. I know it went well for me, cause like I said earlier, I really just wanted to share my heart in worship with the Lord, and did I ever have a great time. God is so good and kind...and those words are so inadequate...I really can't express how thankful I am to Him for all He's done. I didn't get a chance to talk to our worship leader, but I will this week. I'm really not worried about it. Like most of you commented, I know God will allow me to use my heart in this matter in His time, and it may not even be as I see it, but that's ok.

Dave was telling me the other day about the VLI Worship leaders school thingy they're going to be doing in Colorado next year. I'm not sure if you have to complete VLI first or not, but I got all excited just listening about it...then I thought "I can't do that and firefighting..." So I agreed that God would just have to open and close doors where He would, and lead me to the place He has for me. I know sometimes it's tough waiting around for God's timing when all you want to do is His will, just ask my bro David about that. He's waited on God's timing for so long to fulfill His desires to do missions, and I know it's been hard on him, but when God's timing comes, it will all be perfect. So, I can trust in that, and trust that He will lead me where I will fit perfectly into His plan and His calling.

So back to sunday. If I haven't told you before, for some reason Dave (our pastor here) gets the biggest kick out of embarrasing me the best he can in front of the whole congregation. It's really not that uncommon for him to crack jokes at me in the middle of his sermons, or to use me as an example in front of everyone, or to make fun of me rolling my car, or whatever, the list goes on and on. Well, sunday somebody from the crowd yelled out "Hey, wasn't it Luke's birthday yesterday?" And I'm thinking "Why me?" (BTW, thank you to the Gilberts for having me over and feeding me, which you do all the time, and the cake and nice gifts. You guys are way too kind...and Thanks Doug for staying up and finishing that game even though I know you just wanted to crash out.) I had done such a good job of not letting anybody know, and keeping things on the down low. The Gilberts invited me over for some cake and food, and we just had a good time playing some cards and all (and yeah "We are the champions..."), and it was nice and small and quiet. Then this. So Dave says yes, and goes on for a little bit, and I'm shaking my head, and shrinking down in my chair, and he asks everyone if they want to see me get dunked in the baptism tank. I laughed thinking he was joking, and then everyone raised their hands and cheered, and I'm thinking "You're all crazy!" Then Dave kept saying come on, take off your shoes, and I'm shaking my head no, and still thinking he's joking, and he kept persisting! I was in shock! I really didn't want to "challenge" his authority in front of everyone, but I was still confused by his madness. Well, he kept on, so I finally agreed in totall confusion, and took off my shoes and started walking towards him. Then Big Ryan came running up like he was going to tackle me, and I had to hurry to get my cell phone and pager and wallet out before taking the plunge, and then they sorta pushed me in. I emerged from the water to hear everyone cheering, and I thought to myself "What's wrong with you people? Don't you know it's 35 degrees outside, and here I am in soaking wet jeans and a polo shirt?" (which is really dressing up for me) It was odd, and I wondered why I went along with Dave's goofy game, and then while I'm still standing there, He decided to say some nice things about us guys coming out here and blah blah blah...I think it was his attempt at redemption...but Dave...I know where you sleep...and someday, it'll come back to get you...Bob was nice enough to run out to my car where I fortunately had some extra clothes (because I'm messy and unorganized), and I got to change and dry off. I guess he does it cause I play along so nice, and really don't have any pride (cause I have no reason to), but this was just wierd. I think what I'll do is the next time Dave lets me preach on sunday, I'll make an example of him in how you reap what you sow, and also a lesson in humility. It'll be great. Anyway, I'm off to gamble away my 94 dollars later today...It's my way of giving back to the native american tribes for the horrible things "Americans" did to them back in the day...or something like that. God Bless "yall"

I forgot to add this...
Last night at work, I was on the BLS truck. Which means that it's an ambulance with two EMT's rather than one EMT and one Medic. Well, when we have the proper staffing to have a BLS truck, that means that the BLS crew is always the last crew out unless it's transfer that meets basic BLS criteria. So anyway, we took two transfers earlier in the day, and that night I was supposed to have extrication training out our fire dept., but I wasn't going to be able to go cause I was at work. Well, my partner asked our supervisor if we could go, since it's in the county, and we were going to be last out anyway, and suprisingly, he said yes! So, we went out there and I got to use the jaws and cutters and spreaders and chizzles and air bags and cribbage and all that awesome stuff, and play for like two hours while getting paid. It was freakin awesome! ... there now I'm done...you can now return to your regular programming.


At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMAZING Luke. Only you.:D
But of course you DO know where he sleeps...hee hee
And you are right...that is one of the proper uses of the mic when it is Yours. ( You may not get to preach now) lol


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Luke said...

Yeah, I've told him I'd get him back before, but I don't know if I have the heart. I've thought about it, and feel bad...however, it wouldn't be fair to him to not let him experience the humility that he so well allows me. Love you Mom.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger David Killough said...

Yo bro! That's so funny, better you than me though. LOL. VLI is doing a lot of "tracks" that you can take for various forms of leadership once you've completed the 2 year training. One of them is a worship leader course, another is missions, pastor, youth pastor, and the list goes on. So far I've only heard of them doing it in Columbus because they're not sure how they'll do it at their distance sites. I'd like to do the missions one and the worship one. I've been getting so much out of my times of corporate and solo worship while playing my guitar.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger David Killough said...

that would be sweet though if they would let you take the worship track, but I would definitely suggest that you try and take the 1 3/4 yr VLI class. It's totally worth it. I'll be done at the end of spring. Looking forward to it.
Love ya bro!!

At 2:52 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

Nice dunk!

I'm glad you had a great birthday and good worship on Sunday. Those Gilberts do know how to make you feel special, don't they?

At 4:00 PM, Blogger JC said...

Hola me llamo jota ce. That gives me a kick every time. I didnt think you knew that i had a blog.hmmmmm, r u stalking me? Oh yeah, what happened over somewhere on 4th street? I saw ambulances and cops everywhere walking into this one house. Anyway, i'll talk to ya wednesday. ENJOY!!


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Hmmm jc...it depends on what day...I really have no idea what you're talking about though...oh well. I'll c u tommorrow amigo.

Dave, That's what I figured...that you have to complete the 2 yr. course first...that's cool though...It would give me some time to get through it all anyway...Have you looked into the missions course and worship one, and can you do both at the same time??? I know what you mean about receiving out of your worship times. It's awesome. I know some peoples relationships with the Father really thrive off of one foundation more than the others, and worship is absolutely mine. Prayer and reading my bible don't come quite as natural to me as connecting with God through worship, but it's been good to have to work towards that relationship. I've learned a lot, and found that it makes you take things a little less for granted when you have to work for them. Anyway, I love you tons bro and hope to see you soon.

At 3:46 AM, Blogger friend said...

That is really wierd - but I dig your attitude - it kind of reminds me of a time I went out with a buddy to do a dual and how he had mercy on me - and took the hit.


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