Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Ok, it really wasn't all that great. We got there around 4:00, ate at the buffet (yes, that was an incredible much good food all in one place, and when you take one, another one's amazing. I was drooling going through the line...there's 5 different ethnic food areas and then 3 different salad bars and one huge dessert bar, and each one of these places is like 1/2 the size of my house!) So anyway, we ate at the buffet, and I ate so much that I got slightly physically ill. Really, I thought at one point I was going to throw up. So, I figured I won't be doing that anytime soon. However, once all of our stomach's settled down, we slowly drudged our drooping eyelids over to the gaming area. It really wasn't all that cool. They had a couple of tables, but mostly everything else was slots and video poker. I'm not really a slot or video poker person, so I went wandering off to find the Hold Em tables. What I found was lots and lots of old people sitting mesmorized in front of thousands of slot machines pressing buttons or pulling levers over and over totally oblivious to the world around them. When I was in the bathroom washing my hands, one man came over and started complaining about how he wasn't making any money. I told him he was in the wrong place to be doing that, and he sorta sneered at me and walked off. I thought everyone knew that all you do in casinos is donate your money to some sort of fund. Oh, I also found out that since this was a riverboat, it wasn't even the native american relief fund I'd be dontating to. It would be the rich white guy getting richer fund. That wasn't nearly as appealing to me. I found all the old people to be really sad though. I mean, how many life savings are thrown away in there every day? Seriously, they could be gambling away their grandkids college tuition or something. Oh well, I guess there wasn't much I could do about it. I also found out that I'm probably not the most fun person to go to a casino with. Mostly because I'm a tightwad, and I just wanted to watch everybody else throw their money away and hold onto my own. I finally found the hold em area and put my name on a list to play in a tournament or something at 7:00. They didn't explain anything about it very well at all. All I knew was that my name was on a list and I should be back there at 7. So I sat next one of my buddies from work, and threw a couple of bucks into a video poker machine. He sat next to me looking like one of the old people pushing buttons as fast as he could like the machine was going to run away if he didn't push them fast enough. I sat next to him deliberately talking to him more than playing the game to try and make my money last longer. When it was all said and done, I had won some money and lost some money, and wasn't sure where I was at. But then it was time to play hold em. The moment I'd been waiting for. I walked up to the hold em area counter and the man told me to go sit at table 9. I had seen $2-$5 no limit up above the tournament title, but wasn't sure what exactly that meant. I figured it was the blinds, but thought I guess that could've been the buy in also. Well, turns out that was the blinds, and the buy in was $100-$300 and it was a rebuy tournament! I sheepishly walked away knowing I only had like $80 or something, and didn't want any piece of least not right now. And besides that, I would've been there for like 4 hours taking everyones money, and then all my coworkers would've had to wait on me, so you know, it was for them that I didn't play. yeah, yeah, yeah, sorta anti-climatic, I know...anyway, we eventually found everyone. One guy lost $40 another $10, my buddy mike actually came out $20 ahead, and I had lost $5. So we all piled back in the van and wandered all the way home. I think sometime I'll have to go on my own, so I can be my tightwad self and take my time, and play some cards or something without letting all my friends know I'm cheap. I really didn't even play much of anything there, and that's alright. I've got other things to throw my money away into. So that's that. Not a very spiritual post today, but you'll live.


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Brenton said...

Dude.....we are totally going to a t-holdem tournament at a casino one'll be a like riding a rollercoaster for 40 might last a little longer.

By the way....the cloud is raining again. (I posted on my blog)

Love ya bro!

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Luke said...

No way!!! I don't believe it! Rock on man! We'll have to save up a little to make sure we don't bring more than we can afford to lose though, but I'd be game with that. Cya homie. We'll miss you tonight, but, "soll good". We should give Justin a call tonight and see what he's up to. Call me later tonight after youth.

Love ya bro!

OH! That means your unshunned...not that it matters with diplomatic immunity anyway!

At 1:30 AM, Blogger d said...


I totally want to play with you at the casino when you come back and visit....I as well, am a TIGHTWAD!!!! I basically cry when I lose money, so I take my time and I HATE going with other people who just don't care. So, maybe we can go, just the two of us and see what happens! That should be fun!

At 11:03 AM, Blogger ciscoblog said...

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