Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Why me?
What have I done to deserve Your love?
Am I not a sinner? Do I not break Your heart daily?
Yet You reveal Yourself to me. Yet You pour out love on me, You pour out Your favor on me
I am so unworthy, so undeserving. But that's according to Your plan, that You might be glorified.
How great are You Lord? How great are You Lord?
Words are not enough. Not enough to describe Your greatness, Your faithfullness.
We cannot even fathom it. We receive just a glimpse, and rejoice like heaven has come unto us, but it isn't even a speck of Your glory, of Your majesty.
How great are You Lord? How great are You Lord?
Your plan is worked out in our lives, and we strain so hard to understand. We question You. We second guess Your will, Your sovereignity, and then look back and understand Your faithfulness. The awesomeness of Your will, the complexity that we are uncapable of grasping. We look in retrospect and see, yet only in part, the mangificance of Your plans.
Why me? Why me?
I love You Father. All Your ways are perfect and good.
I fully trust in You, and offer my life, all I have into Your hands. To do with as You will, to take me where You will.
Thank You my God!


At 8:13 PM, Blogger BullMoose&Taft said...

thats so awesome. It really is. I'm not sure what to say but to just repeat exactly what you wrote. God is awesome and i'm just blown away sometimes. Its like being sucker punched in the gut, you're fine one moment then the next you just can't breathe.


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