Thursday, November 03, 2005

Playin 'n the Dirt

Alright, so a little while ago, I commented back to Kathleen about busy hasn't gotten any better since then. The past six days straight have been go, go, go, non-stop. It's been good though, and it makes me realize the importance of that day of rest. Unfortunately with Oasis this weekend, and then right back to work on Mon, I don't see that break coming for quite a while. So I guess by the time I actually get to stop and breathe, it'll be Tues., and that'll be 10 days no stopping. Oh well, God's grace is enough.

So I'm still exhausted, and have to leave soon, but I'll shortly update on what I've been up to.

In referrence to the title, I was able to participate with the Leavenworth City Fire Dept. on my days off on Tues. and Thurs. (today) during their trench rescue training. They invited Leavenworth EMS to come, however I was the only one to go. It was better that way though, cause there honestly isn't much that can be done EMS wise until the patient is fully out of the trench, so I got to learn and train on a firefighting basis. All in all, it was really good. I learned a ton of cool info, and also got to know the guys on the dept. better. The asst. chief (who also vol. at my fire dept.) was out there watching everything, and talked to me a bit and was glad I came out. It turns out they will be re-opening their hiring process very soon, so I will be able to test with them soon, and I know they would really like to see me get hired on. However, that does bring up questions of where I might be in 6 months if Tempe starts their testing over again, and if I would be doing harm to LV's fire dept. by accepting a job and possibly leaving.So I have to figure out really what I'd like to do, and also what I see God doing. So, lots of questions, not many answers...I have some vague ideas of what I would like to do, of which I won't share on here, cause they are just ideas at the moment...

BTW, the trenches were about 12 feet deep, and 3-4 feet wide. It was a blast!

I had a cool experience at work the other day. Jon will be familiar with this cause he was involved. Anyway, I was at work and it was around 6 'o clock, and Jon called me from the church asking about something or other...I can't remember what it was now, and he tells me he's been feeling a little "blah" and has a headache, and got pummeled by a tree earlier in the day and all, and I'm talking with him. And before he hung up, I just got this sense to pray for him over the phone. That's not anything really out of the ordinary for me, except I was sitting up in our day room at work with my partner at the kitchen table not more than 3 feet away! I told Jon I wanted to pray for him and he agreed, and then I thought..."oh, this might be a little awkward." And sure enough, it was. I prayed for him anyway though. I can't say it was my best prayer, and I was absolutely feeling a little wierd, but a couple words managed to stumble out of my mouth in a somewhat prayerful fashion. I kinda hurried through it and then told Jon bye and hung up, and sat there wondering what would happen next.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the public service fields, I will simply tell you that they hold strongly to the separation of church and state. Meaning that the station is not really a "God friendly" place. I guess I usually am able to hold to my own beliefs and standards without really torquing anybody else off, but this was a little out there. I'm not sure how I would've faired if the other crew was in house at the time also...that would've made it even tougher, but I'm sure God woulda carried me through anyway.
So I called Jon back later, and was talking with him, and he also recognized how awkward that must've been, and I told him it was. Listen to this though. When I hung up with Jon the first time, my partner starts to speak...I sat there in our broken down 20 yr old chair wondering what was about to come flying my way, and she says something along the lines of how she admires my faith and so on and so on. Totally not what I was expecting. We ended up having a very good conversation about faith and God, and then it somehow morphed into relationships, and how faith is involved there, but the point is that God used that moment for some good. It was pretty cool.
You have to completely believe me when I say that I'm not sharing this out of pride or boasting or anything, cause if it wasn't for God in that moment, I totally woulda stuttered and mumbled my way through the whole thing, and left totally ashamed. I really am sharing this though because I want it to be an encouragement to you guys. Especially you youth bloggers out there who keep up with me. God is good and faithful. And he took a moment of pure awkwardness, and a little bit of faith, and turned it into something really good. I'm not saying my partner is ready to get saved, that would be far from it (she's very much into wicka and many other crazy new age things...very nice girl though...she cooks for me all the time), but I think God at least gave her something positive to look at in a "religion" she's seen a lot of hypocrisy in.

So, that's's time for me to go again...

OH! Two more things...I have some prayer requests. A friend of mine at work is having a very tough time in his marriage. Please pray for him that God would heal it, and bring them both back to a relationship with Him.

Also, a very good friend of mine has come down with some skin problems, and she could really use some healing from that, and a time of relief from physical ailments.

If you could pray for these two things, it would be very much appreciated. Love you Guys.


At 11:26 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

Hey Luke. Good to hear your update. I will definitely pray for your two friends, and for you as you continue to make decisions about where you will go and what you will do. You may not have any of the answers now but God has a way of making things as clear as day when His time comes. He'll guide you...just keep looking to Him. Also, I am so proud of you for the light you are shining for Him at work, among other places. What a great first step w/ your partner...for her to admit that she admires your faith...that is awesome! That means she sees God thru you...maybe not clearly, but she sees Him. Keep up the great work, dear brother.

Next time you are going to play in trenches, let me know...ha ha. It sounds like you had an awesome time!

At 12:26 AM, Blogger friend said...

Ok - activity next time. Get the skittle, differnt colors, let them each pick a handful - have each color be a different level of "deep" questions they may have to answer. Have 3-5 questions for each level - have them go around starting at the shallow level.

Sorry this is late - but it just came and I wanted to give you at least 1 idear.

At 1:01 AM, Blogger Luke said...

soll good Ben! I'll give it a try when we have some free time at our youth conference. Thx buddy. Much Love Man.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger Jac said...

It's so funny how when we listen to God and get past our own shyness or afraid of what people might think, how God can totally move in a way we never would have expected! That's awesome LK! I'll be praying for your two friends! And that God gives you a clarity of what exactly he wants you to do for your future.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Yeah, I know what you mean, but this really goes beyond shyness...I'm not shy about my faith at all at work, but the day room is like this "special place," where personal lives are not welcome. You don't talk on your cell phone in the day room, if you have a private conversation, you leave the day room, etc...And it's also like the "temple" of ungodly visuals, speech, and activity. This is the place where very unwholesome tv shows and movies are watched, very bad things are said, and very disgusting jokes played. It's a wierd world, this place of public service...I don't think it would honestly make sense to anyone unless you've been in it for a while. So to not only bring this subject of God into this room (which I do frequently by reading my bible out there), but to share a personal conversation in prayer with another person and God over the phone was completely out of place...even thinking about it now it seems totally odd and slightly nervewracking...I don't think I could even describe how wierd the whole thing, as short as it was, was...anyway...I'm babbling now...

I appreciate the prayers for my friends greatly, and I agree. Lord let it be. Heal Jons marriage, and bring healing to your humble servant. Amen.

I'll talk to ya later J.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger stevai said...

when did I get married?!!


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