Sunday, November 20, 2005

This is too funny

You have to check this out.

We had a guy go to our youth blog and start commenting odd things I at first assumed to be him simply having fun, so I just deleted his comments...Well, he kept comming back, so I responded (you can check out the whole, or at least what I didn't delete on our youth blog (XF)). Well, I clicked on his comment to check out his blog, as I have done occasionally, and he copied and pasted my entire repsonse. He did this thinking he would be victorious and get a good laugh, but what he unknowingly did was present the gospel to everyone of his friends unknowingly! It's awesome. I'm not sure if God will do anything with it or not, but that's not my responsibility. One thing I learned from our conference from a passage in Acts was to simply make ourselves available, listen, and then preach Jesus. From there, it's not our responsibility how they will respond. It's between them and God at that point. You'll have to check this out. Here's the link.


You can also simply check out the youth blog for the conversation, and just know that he copied the whole thing (prior to "he rose again? Holy crap?!?...) to his blog, and unbelievers will inevitably read it.

Lord I know you work in mysterious ways. Things far beyond our comprehension.
I ask that you would use this mans fun to slap the devil in the face, and work in a mighty way. I ask father that you would give me wisdom in the things to say, and open his heart, as well as every other person who reads his post, and convict them of their need for you. Let it be.


At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen I agree! So be it!


At 3:05 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Crazy things happen to crazy people in crazy places.
And blogspots are one of em crazy places with the crazy people with crazy happenings.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger BullMoose&Taft said...


At 10:04 AM, Blogger non_chalant said...

Wow Luke I checked it out. That is awesome. It's amazing how God can take something meant for bad and use it for good. Your right he is witnessing to his friends and your answer was great. Wow God really is a great presence in your life. I love you bro!

At 1:08 PM, Blogger ali said...

hey luke!
yeah i got grounded because i have a C in AP U.S. history... so yeah. but my mom decided that she won't ground me from youth group blogging! yay! which is pretty much all i use the computer for now anyways.. haha. well i hope you have fun at work :) haha see you at youth!

At 5:20 PM, Blogger T_Griff said...

i'm guessing that :) is a smily face. What would :( be? a frownie face?
frownie rhymes w/ brownie and that sounds good right now. brownies, brownies, brownies.
nice, hot, moist, and chocolatie. anyone else getting hungry?
see ya lata gata.

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Kim said...

cool. I'm proud of you and the way you handled that.

At 6:45 PM, Blogger JC said...

Wow, i checked that weird guys blog out. He sound like hes mentally insane, but hey i cant complain. Sounds like we have a lot in common, except the whole make-fun-of-christians thing. I meant the mentally insane.

Anywho, his site was pretty messed up but i pray that it works out in a great way to fellowship to bad people.


Chizzler out.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

I'm so proud of you for handling the situation as you did. God will be glorified!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Grace said...

Hopefully something good will come of it all.

Probably not though.

Or maybe I'm just full of doubt and spite for mankind?

Ha... haha

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Your response to him was commendable. Awesome dude!

At 9:55 PM, Blogger JC said...


Just messin with ya. But not really. I just want to tell you that i like muffins and i like cake so um........



Chizzler out.

At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK amazing Son....You built Jaque an amaZing blog...I need you to build me one. Cause I don't know what the heck I'm doing when it comes to building a blog.
Not saying I am planning on waxing eloquent (just to clarify, although anything is possible with God!!) (and he DOES use the WEAK things of the world to confound the that puts me on top a some list somewhere!!!) Nevertheless I could use a blog so I can communicate with some that won't allow anyone to communicate with them unless they are also bloggers- (it's discrimination I tell you!! you hear that Allyson Turrubiartes in Ireland!!!
and there are a few other guilty parties...and who knows...I might have something to say here and there you never know?! With all the spam hitting you guys I might become one of those discriminators too. Ouch...scary thought. Ok Luke My Awesome son...( I DO have three! GOD is GOOD) Call me k.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger scumbag said... liked the sign i made? you're welcome i guess.

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Bear said...

Listen if God is so great why are there wars going on. People are starving. Theres racism and unequality. I'm a good person and lead a good life, just because I don't devote ALL of it to praising the lord and going to church all the time, (I do attend sometimes) I am viewed as mentaly insane. I enjoy drinking and partying to realease my energy built up during the work week. Just like those weddingparty guys. Please, learn to have some fun doing other activities than praising the lord all the time. Theres a lot more in the world and I have seen it. Please get out of Kansas once and a while. Open your eyes to the problems going on. You think God/Jesus is going to fix everything by praying. You have to get of your rear end and do it yourself.!

Now please don't censure and delete this comment!

At 8:46 PM, Blogger stevai said...

Het Nederlands is zo koel! Ik moet van de Nederlandse commentaren houden. U hebben ooit een commentaar in het Nederlands lezen? Ik betwijfel het.

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Bear said...

Let me translate that... The Dutch/Hollanders are so cool! You ...(like/read) dutch comments. You have never had a dutch commentar/comment. I doubt it!

My limited dutch knowledge! Thought I would help since I speak a bit of the lingo!

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


see....thinking...been to Iraq days after the Americans took over the Iraqi borders...still bombs going off..shooting all night long... a journalist shot and killed two floors above mine two days before I got there...friends kidnapped on the way in a week before I went in...a journalist found dead just before I went in...brought medicine & suppies for the Iraqis ( as well as bibles!) Ummm...lets see just spent a month in Turkey helping teach english and praying for the sick one gal got healed of Hep C after the hospital sent her home to die saying there was nothing they could do for her...Been going to Mexico with our kiddos since they were itty bitty bringing food, clothes, shoes, prayer and truth for many moons to those who were the neediest ( btw you sound PRETTY needy to me...know how I know? Cause those who think they have the least need and they know so much have the greatest need cause they are blind to their own neediness!) My hubby is aobut to head to Pakistan to help the earthquake victims (of which 86K died and another 100K will die if they do not get some shelter before the snow comes and they all freeze to death) Ummm...lets see we will be heading to Mexico again soon for the same..and then Lebanon and Turkey to help there. So would you like to come with us Bear or are you all talk? Btw Luke is not from Kansas! Dude you ought to check out your facts better before you speak. Btw my other son spend a year in the bush of Kenya helping the Samburu tribe and will be heading out to who knows where next...probably Indonesia...and my other heading out with his family to Ecudor Dec 1st...and soon will be moving there permanently....he has done many things in helping in Orphanages, clinics, teaching english...etc...etc..etc...
Talking before you the truth makes you look like a ..... :) Fool.

You just riled Mama Bear...and you know that is never wise.

Mama Bear!

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw I had no guns on me...(in Iraq)(although I am a pretty darn good shot) except the ones that come from the Spirit of God. And those guns are way more powerful than any physical guns I could carry. Just to clarify....

Mama Bear!

At 12:42 AM, Blogger Bear said...

Heres a medal for you. Mom of the decade! First off I'm tierd now so this might not make sense. Ok! I love Mexico, they have cheap beer and cheaper women. I could tell ya some great stories. Secondly, it sounds like your starting the next crusades by bringing your bible with you to iraq and the other places. They don't want to hear it. You take advantage of the sick and dying who really probably don't have mental ability left since they are either dying soon or cant think for themselves. Third, I'm not that needy in terms of religion, I believe in God but I don't think you have to prove it by telling others or going to church every sunday. I am needy of some furniture for the new apartment if you have any. Lastey you say luke is not from KS? Then why does his profile say he's from Leavenworth! Am I missing something.
I can write more but I will continue when I get off of work tommorow.

At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

Mama bear, you just proved Bear's point. (I hope there is no relation there.) You talk of all this death and disease...Why is there so much of this in a "world of love"? Little children are dying each day in 3rd world countries of starvation or you think God loves them? If so, why does he not protect them and provide them with food? Children are the innocent ones right? Righteous and pure... Its not God who provides the fortunate few with these needs, its People...good people like yourself Mama Bear and your family. God has not provided anything for them. If anything, God has provided suffering for them. Now you will probably say, this suffering is a test for them and everyone around them. Well if they live in a 3rd world, and are a little child, what are the odds they even know who God is? If they don't, and don't devote their lives to the Lord, while dying of starvation, will they go straight to hell? Are all these innocent children going straight to hell because they do not believe in the Lord? I imagine you will say this is why your are out there trying to spead the word of the Lord. But in the mean time, all these little innocent children are going straight to hell, right?

If people believe in a different religion like islam or Buddhism are they going straight to hell?

There has been a lot of news recently of Priests molesting little children. What is your justification for Messengers of God of taking a child's innocence? The Vatican, led by the Pope has absolved them and has tried to hide this. Churches, a beacon for safety where people look to for guidance and protection also have hidden these offenses. What is the justification of this? Why would the Lord's trusted servants do this? Is this a test as well? I imagine you will say these were bad people and they should be punished, but why did the church try to hide it as well?

Now I expect you to comeback and try to insult me and poke holes in my reasoning. I am not trying to insult you or your beliefs in anyway. I have honest questions and look forward to honest answers.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Bear said...

Go Jeff Go Jeff!

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Bear....:) I could tell you some great stories too,different but Great only because God uses the weak to confound the wise.

Another well they not bleeding or dying but just like anyone else walking around (btw there are "christian churches" in Iraq and they are allowed there.) They have both in Iraq. But the muslims we met there we loved and built deep relationships with, they came along side us to help the sick in their country or whatever else we were doing. One was a doctor from a wealthy family he and many like him were gratful for the bible, you see the Koran commands Muslims to read the Injeel or the Bible. They just don't have them. It is a Holy Book to them. One gal I met in another country we talked and shared our lives and stories and when I told her my story which is full of God answering pray and doing miracles her mouth dropped to the floor...and another gal asked her have you ever heard of God answering prayer and doing miracles? Her answer was NO! Praying 5 times a day, yet she had never seen an answer to prayer she was very thankful to hear about the Good news. So the normal everyday folks (not bleeding or dying) were very thankful to have a Bible as would most.
as far as Luke goes...Luke lives in Kansas now that is where he is from now.

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Luke said...


Good questions. I have some answers, for me at least. Everyone has to make their own decisions. You know.

I hope I'm not coming across condemning or anything, or even stating whether or not you're a christian, I was simply responding to questions asked...

I saw that you live in OP...Leavenworth's not too far from there. You oughta let me by you lunch sometime. Just hang, have a beer and talk. Not to persuade any one individual any which way, but it sounds like you've run across some rough "christians" in your day. Not to say I'm not rough...on the contrary, that's why I need Jesus even more, but maybe just to hang. Shoot, we don't even have to talk about all this stuff. It sounds like we are actually very similar in many ways. As far as being a normal guy who doesn't get upset at much. Yeah, that's me to a "T". I can get pissed for a sec, but then I forget what I was mad about. I've always wondered if I have ADD...hmmm?
Anyway, if your up for it, that'd be cool. Let me know when and where, and I'll see if I can work around it.

Cya Bro, Luke

(Oh, about mama bear. Yeah, that's my mom. Mother of the Decade? I'd vote for her. You gotta be careful though, she's pretty firey.)

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have a lot of good questions and i will do my best to answer them. They are not questions that you answer with one sentence..I am sure you know that.

1. If someone does not know the Lord..starving child or someone from another religion will they go to hell.
I will try to explain from a true story or stories...
A man from a tribe of people who worshipped idols had a man in their tribe who was the god maker. One day the god maker was carving the hands of the god and he was prompted with this question...I am making this gods hands...Who made My hands? At that point he became determined to find the God who made HIS hands...he left his tribe in a canoe to find the answer to the question, he ran into rough waters and was overturned in his boat and washed up on a distant shore half dead, when he awoke he was under the care of a missionary who shared with him who made His hands. The Lord gives a little light (truth) to everyone and we all have a choice to reject it or accept it and if you accept it he will give you more because he wants to draw all men to matter where they are. And anyone who is willing Will find the truth.
Another true story... In many countries where believers are not allowed (like in Muslim countries) Jesus is appearing to them in dreams and visions and they are coming to accept him as their Lord. I have been told some amazing stories from Muslims that would blow you away!!! He makes a way for all who are willing to matter where you are or who you are. Yet it is always YOUR choice if you reject him or not...his desire is for you to come to the knowledge of the truth...but if you or anyone else decide that you reject him...then you are the one who chooses hell. That is not what he wanted for you or me or anyone...yet we choose. He will not force anyone to love him or accept his love and provision of forgiveness.

2. Children are righteous, pure and innocent right? Well not according to scripture nor my personal experience...the bible says there is NONE righteous NO NOT ONE, for ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.
That explains why when Luke was just a little kid no more than 2 or 3 and he asked for a cookie before dinner and I said No Luke you cannot have a cookie before dinner you have to wait till afterwards. And he said ok, a few minutes later I see choclate on his face and eyes wide and hands behind the back. I said LUKE, what do you have behind your back? his reply...nothing! I said Luke have you disobeyed Mom and taken a cookie? eyes down...No! There he was just a baby... and he stole and did I teach my son to lie? NO WAY! I taught him the opposite. This is evidence and I could go on all day with stories...not just my own kids...that we all are born sinners with a sin don't have to teach kids to lie they do it on their own because of their sin nature. Yet I believe there is an age of accountability and it is different with each child when they know and realize they have done wrong. With my kids it was very early. I also believe that like David in the old testament when his baby died he said he would see him in heaven...why because that child had never understood and or come to an age of accountability to understand. Now saying that I will also say this...Children have an amazing ability to see into the "4th dimension" even when they know nothing about Jesus or angels they have often told stories of how angels and God appeared to them while they were playing or in their hospital beds or at night...and their descriptions were obvious...and they describe how he told them what would happen and not to be afraid he was there with them...and many other amazing things. That is why Jesus says you must come to me as a little child...they come with soft hearts we come with hard hearts full of bitterness and hatred towards God for things we do not know... although we think we do...And Satan God's enemy and our enemy is having a hey day because he leads and directs people into destruction and then gets everyone to blame God for his handiwork (and our own choices) We are decieved and he LOVES that. He wants us to hate and be filled with anger and bitterness towards God.Anger and bitterness opens the door for Satan to enter into your life and use you like a puppet.(speaking from experience here)
Our choice we opened the door to let him in. I say this because I have had my share of casting out critters from those who have let Satan in their lives through bitterness and anger towards God as well as many other nasty things I won't go into. Not a pretty sight to have to deal with someone who is packin critters demons)but when they are free the transformation in their lives that Jesus produces in nothing short of AMAZING!

On the suffering in this world question...good question...
Never does God promise a bed of roses to believers or non believers. He never promises ease or lack of suffering in this life not for me or you. And I don't follow him for that.
Look at the Sudanese believers who are being murdered and mutilated for their faith by Muslims everyday in their poverty. Yet they have this amazing joy in their hearts and lives amidst horrible persecution- yet they love the Muslims that burn their houses and kill their children and families or maim them. They understand what we do not, that this life is short and temporary and knowing HIM as they do- they wait to be with him and will not Deny him. He is worthy that is why.
Because they have a much bigger perspective. They understand the eternal- If you really want to understand these things read Foxes book of Martyrs.

Do I believe he loves them YEP! And as I said before works in amazing ways we do not see to reach out to those he wants to be saved which is everyone. That does not mean if Luke committs a crime that he will not have to pay the consquenses of his sin...he will.
(and he should) There are consequenses to our sin which is one of the reasons this world is in such a mess... our sin...selfishness...hatred...lust...bitteness...greed....the list goes you well know.

As to the Catholic priests commiting HORENDOUS acts....Grrrr... makes my blood boil.... should they get a way with that...NO WAY!!! And they won't because they WILL be accountable to God on judgement day! He will not wink at this. Why did the Catholic church cover it up? They will answer to God for that TOO! Because it is unexcusable in my opinion. I will say this too...messengers of, more like Wolves in Sheeps clothing...if you are the real thing you will act like it...and live like it. The word says you will know them by their fruit...(their lives) it is easy to tell the real thing from the counterfit. If you look at their lives. Don't be fooled by the counterfiet...Satan also planted them. Count on it. Another thing i will mention...the bible say that a " pastor, shepard, priest " whatever you want to call to be the husband of One wife! When the catholic church says they are not allowed to marry that is against what the scripture says and it causes them lots of problems they would not have had if they had had a wife like the bible says to. It is for their protection....
Btw I do believe we are the hands and feet of Jesus so you can say people do these "good things" but I know better been around long enough to KNOW so many things that have happened were WAY beyond this weak thing. They were God working through people using us to reach and bless he has done for me through others as well.

Not sure if this answered your questions or not Jeff. But I appreciate your honest quest.
If you are sincere he will hear you and answer in His timing after all He does know a heck of a lot more than we do.

The bible says the Fear of Man is a trap... it keeps us from following that light he gives...

God bless you as you seek him Jeff.

Mama Bear


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