Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh BTW...

This is my day off. So don't bother me with anything. I'm not doing anything today but chillin w/God, eating, checkin blogs, playin some video games, watchin a movie, and RELAXING! OH YEAH!!!


No house yet. I'm still looking around, but have gotten tired and frustrated with the whole process. Not sure if that's even going to be best. I figure if it doesn't work out, and I don't find anything, than God's got different, better plans, which I'm fine with. That's the one nice thing about knowing God is there and looking out for you, is that you don't really have to stress over stuff like this. If it's His will, and is best for you, than the doors will be open, if not, they won't. Simple as that...even though it doesn't always feel like it.

Well, the youth group just came back from Acquire the Fire. It sounded like they had a good time, and the speakers and drama's were good. Most of them said the worship was alright...I think it was the same guy as last year, who was, like they said, ok. I wish I coulda gone with them though, but it wasn't possible. We had 3 groups staying in the gym together, which woulda been a riot!

Lord, I ask that you make the changes in these youth real and permanent. That it wouldn't be a high, but they would understand what you're doing in their lives, what you're calling them to be, and that they would grow from there into reaching their friends with boldness, mercy, and love. Let them be contagious to all they come in contact with. I thank you Lord for such an awesome group, and for such amazing leaders as well. I love you Father and I know they all do to. Thanks for all you do. For your faithfullness and kindness. You are all we need.

Seriously...all you leaders are way too freaking awesome. You don't even know. God bless you ten times over!

Love yall,

Saturday, February 18, 2006

House Update

Well, I found the perfect house! It fits every need I have. If I bought it to own and stay in, to re-sell later for a big profit (I think this place has a huge resell potential...there's going to be a LOT of new construction and road construction in the area, but not too close), or to sell later to Eric and Kim for a good price for them if it works that way, and that's what we decide to do. The location is great for it. It's right on the most North West corner of leavenworth, on a 1 acre plot all the way on the back of the property away from the street and only has one neighbor close by. Everything about this place is great. They are asking $150,000, but I know they will walk down from that...they said depending on what I offer, the fridge stays or goes, and seemed very open to hearing an offer.

THE PROBLEM! There's a contract on it right now that's expected to close next week. There are still a few unresolved things in the deal that can still fall through, so I'm praying they will.

It's a 2000', four bedroom house with 3 small full bathrooms. The bedrooms aren't huge, and it's really a 3 bedroom with an office, but it's a very nice place. It's been very well taken care of, is only like 20 yrs. old, split level with a great open floor carpeting, the whole works. Eric and I went and looked at it today, and I'm really hoping it falls through, and he'll give it to me for $140,000. We'll see what happens though.

Please pray that God's will be done in this matter of me finding a house, and that all will work out for me, and the other guys living here right now. It's kinda up in the air what Chris and Jason want to do.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

interesting things...

Well, I went over to the McKinney's today to talk about buying a house and all that, primarily because I didn't even know where to begin, and got some very good info. We went to lunch, talked about what I had, what I wanted, and what I could afford. They had said that they had a loan officer coming in later, and I should talk to him while he was there.

So, I did. I gave him my info, he pulled my credit, and he basically said he would approve me for basically whatever I wanted. That was kinda cool. He then sat around with the McKinney's and I as we looked at different houses on the web, and he crunched the #'s to tell me what my payment each month would be including ins. and taxes etc...
Basically, I now know exactly what I'm willing to put forth on a place, and that I approved at a really good rate. So, now all I have to do is find a house....Dough.
I'm going to look at a couple places tomorrow with Helen M., and we'll go from there.

I'd really like to find a place slightly in the county where I can still respond with my vol. fire dept., or in the city within the general response area where I am now. Also, it'd be nice if it was big and nice enough and all that jazz, but also be something that I can sell in 2 yrs., if so desired, and make some money off it.

So, if you would, by all means pray that God will lead me to the right place, and all will go well.

Other matters of business.

I'm glad the whole kick off for 7 project is finally over. That was honestly a good bit of work, and a fair amount of stress.

......Thing is, I've been so focused on that and getting things started at the fire dept., and looking at houses and such, that it's been really distracting to my relationship with God. At the same time, life has been great and full of many blessings (like finding out about my credit and the house deal, and breezing through my Fire Instructor 1 test, and youth going very well, and one more thing I'll tell later), all of which I know are from God, but it's been so busy, and exciting at the same time, that while I know every blessing I have is testimony to God's incredible faithfulness and goodness towards me, I've felt distant.

OH! One more blessing! This whole 7 project is quite the task, and also needs considerable financial backing (EVERY BIT I FULLY BELIEVE IS WELL WORTH IT!!!). So, between 4 churches, we needed to come up with $4,000, or appx. $1000 a church. I know our church budget, and we can afford to pitch forward $0 of that, so I resolved to talk to the congregation about it, and see who would be willing to donate what towards the project on top of their regular giving.

Well, I thought we might get a couple hundred, and so I told the guy in charge we could probably get that, but 1k was highly doubtfull. However, I would sincerely pray over it, and ask the congregation. Well, really without anyone knowing what anyone else was giving, some gave $10 dollars, and some gave much more. Sunday afternoon, after church, everyone had donated EXACTLY $1,000 for this project. I was totally blown away.

God had put it on every individuals heart to give what he had asked them to. Whether it be big or small, or proportional to what they were able, he had the perfect plan in mind to cover what we needed for this event. As thankful as I was for the people who gave large amounts, I was just as thankful for the ones who gave smaller amounts, and everyone giving out of obedience and joy to the father. It was also a cool thing for me to see that God is behind this event, and that it's not just our efforts, but something He's working through us, and the rest of the body.

Lord you constantly amaze me. Even when I get tied up in the affairs of this life, you are still here with me. You clear the path ahead of me so I can walk without stumbling, and still I think it's me and not you.
I beg you Father to take away every inch of me that lives for this world. Give me eternal perspectives.
Lord you know I often think about the money I could make doing other things, but I don't want any of that. Show me how much you value obedience, and relationship over "ministry" or my desire for the good life. Open my eyes to how much you've blessed me, and how you are constantly holding my hand guiding me through a maze with my eyes blindfolded. Help me to trust in you.

I love you, My Dad, My Father, My King. I need You even more. Come...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hey All

Been a little while huh?

This last week...

Silverline came in and totally rocked the house on Wed. We didn't have quite as many kids show up as I thought, but it didn't matter, we had a total blast! The show was great, and the message was good and real. The band arrived here at 5:30 wed. morning, and then stayed with us at the house here till 2 am on Fri. It's been an exhausting week, but a ton of fun. We played poker with the guys a lot, and I won a lot...(oh yeah!), but eventually I had to catch up on sleep. I won't get into all the details, but I slept from 8 pm last night to 8 am this morning.

Youth has been really good the past 3 weeks. God has really been pushing us to move past a social event, back to a much deeper time of seeking after him. It's been totally awesome. On top of that, I was kinda worried about the financial aspect of the 7 project, but God's totally provided for most of that as well. I still am going to talk about it this sun., and hopefully we'll be able to cover the remainder of what's left. I'm not sure if our youth group will see the direct growth results from this or not, which I'm honestly not that concerned with, but I know for a fact that a LOT of kids will come to know Jesus from this! And I KNOW it, and am totally excited about it. This project aims right at the great commission. Reaching the lost and discipling them. It's gonna be great.

I think that's it for now.

If you think about it, I've got something I've been thinking about for a while, and will probably fast over soon. I'm not gonna go as far as putting it down here, but just a decision I'd like God to provide for. Thanks all, Later,


Oh, one more thing. I start my first 24 hour shift with the FD on Mon., and I know my schedule, so I can finally keep planning ahead for youth and worship now!