Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Better Plan

So, the 7 project got canceled/postponed until next fall. Basically, the school board has had a lot of pressure on them this year, resulting in two filed lawsuits against the school district, and their school being on CNN one night. So the end result, some people thought that the assembly we were going to bring into the schools had religious content (which it doesn't), and they complained to the board. The board (who we had asked before if they would like a presentation on this, so they would be educated and have answers) got hit by surpise on this, and decided that they would rather just ride this school year out with no more law suits and no more being in the national news...All of which we completely understand, and I can say that in their shoes, I'd probably do the same thing. They didn't tell us no, just not now. We are going to see about doing it next fall in Sept maybe.

...What that means is more time to get more churches in on it, get the assembly in up to 4 more schools, and be even better prepared and more effecient that we would've been tonight.

...What happened instead...

We decided to get the four youth groups together for a night of fun, worship and prayer. I think only 3 showed up, and it was small pieces of them, due to short notice, but it was AWESOME! Two people got saved, we played games and hung out for an hour, had a great time doing worship, and had a rockin prayer time. We also got to fellowship among the groups and get to know eachother all better. Also, we decided we're going to do this once a month, and I think, Lord willing, that it will be great for our groups spiritual growth, and that we will be able to effectively reach out to more kids and bring them along, and ultimately see many salvations come from this.

So, we thought we had it figured out. We were going to do the 7 project, it was gonna be awesome, and lots of kids would get saved.

What God had planned...

We would do the 7 project later and better, more kids would come, more would get saved, and we would form a community wide ministry that has huge capabilities if we keep God as the center, and our youth groups would be encouraged and grow spiritually.

Lord you truly are amazing
Your ways are so confounding
You had a plan from the beggining of time
Thank You for loving me into it
Come open me up
To seeing Your ways
They're so much better than mine
Come flood this heart
And humble my pride
Your ways are better than mine
Let me follow
All my days
Your loving truth
Your perfect ways


At 12:03 PM, Blogger stevai said...

that youth thing yesterday was awesome. except that i had a ginormous headache during basketball. It actually went away sometime afterwards. The time i finally realized that it was gone was in the circle prayer thing. That was cool, but i couldn't even hear myself think, so i just agreed with the guy yelling.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Jac said...

Hey dude, have you checked out my myspace? you need to get on there stat! It's got so much more stuff than blogspot- hey I'm also working on my own website- and I am working on starting my own publishing company- give me a ring when you get a chance I'll fill you in! Glad things are going well!

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Jac said...

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At 12:16 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

Hey Luke! I'll add an Amen to your prayer b/c it is right on. I'm glad to hear of what's going on b/c it is even more proof of how amazing God is and how perfect His plan is.

How's work going? Any leads on a new house/apartment ownership thingy? Just wondering...

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Jon- yeah man, I had a blast too. It was sweet! Hey, you need to get on the youth blog and blog about it, and encourage everyone else through it! Yeah, you can do it! You rock man...see you later...r u coming Sat. night?

Jac-So I just talked to you on the phone! Great to hear what God is doing with you through the gifts he's given you. I'm so totally proud of you, you don't even know! Rock on rockstar...
and let me know what you think of My Glass Box...and be honest...I know the recording is crappy...

Ang-Yeah, it was so crazy how all of that worked out. I could never have even imagined it that way. God is good...actually he's perfect...

Work is going incredibly well. Like I tell everyone, I expected it to be good, but it's even better than I expected. I seriously have the best job in the world.

As far as the house goes...yes, I put on offer on the really nice fourplex in leavenworth, and they accepted it. Now I have to secure the loan (even though I was preapproved), get inspections, appraisals and all that, and eventually start my own small business to keep track of the income, and use it as a tax write off that way. Lots to do, and I know so little about it, but I think it will all work out ok.


At 12:53 PM, Blogger CleanSlate said...

Their youth room was SOOO COOL! *jealous* lol! But it was fun and it was really cool to hang out with other folks.


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