Friday, June 30, 2006

Days of Our Lives on a Park Bench...

There you go does have a nice ring to it though.

So, I haven't been able to come out to the bench all that much recently. Been pretty busy, and also, I was on my 3 day, which means I'm pretty busy at night, and I don't want to get up that early in the mornings. However, I worked yesterday, so after I got off this morning, I got my bible, and came out to read.

I was talking with Kat the other day about how much I love coming out here and reading, and how peaceful it is, and she was totally taken back at the idea of anything in downtown leavenworth being peaceful at all. It is almost unbelievable. When I normally think about downtown leavenworth (and maybe this is only because of my work experiences), I think of drunks, crack ho's, and the occasional shopper. There's really nothing peaceful about that. We're also right on the border of northern Leavenworth, which the definition would include murder, stabbings, shootings, extreme poverty, drug abuse, etc... So, I myself am amazed that there is place of such serenity hiding right in the middle of it all. But it's true. It's almost as if sitting in this one spot, that you're not really in Leavenworth at all, and maybe that's why it's so No, really though, there is always a good strong breeze, and it feels more like I'm sitting somewhere in San Diego, California rather than the northeast corner of KS. I think the only thing that's missing is the sound of sea gulls squawking and the dull roar of waves crashing on the beach in the backround. I think I hear it my mind regardless of whether it's really there or not. I can completely visualize this bench in the middle of the pier, and I can gaze off to the left and see the end of it spilling over into the vastness of a deep blue continent stretching farther than the eye can see.
So, that's mentally where I am...

I really didn't run across any of the usual's this morning, however, I did see Quinn at the dinner on Mon. night. He had brought 3 of his neighbors girls with him. They were very nice and well behaved kids, but quite hungry I might say. Turns out, Quinn watches out for something like 8 kids in his neighborhood, and brings food back for several families in his neighborhood. Some of the ladies that work the ministry know him quite well, and are amazed at his compassion to those around him.
These girls actually attend a church not too far down the street from us. I told Quinn he should go to church with them on sunday, or feel free to pop his head in our doors. He shook his head and said "nu uh," with a mouth full of food. He really wanted nothing to do with church, but maybe he will in time. If nothing else, we're follwing God's commands to take care and feed the poor and homeless, and hopefully he'll see the love ofr Christ in that as opposed to condemnation.

So, as I was saying...I didn't run into any regualrs this morning, but there was another odd occurance. As the city garbage truck drove by collecting trash from the bins, two kids (who couldn't be any more than 13 & 9) run by with fists raised in the air hollering something at them. It really spooked the guy riding the tailboard who normally jumps off as the truck stops and grabs the trash. He nearly jumped off as the truck was still moving! I thought to myself "that's odd," as I couldn't help but stare at the mischevious youth as the came running down the street towards me. They ran shouting and hollering utnil they were directly across the street from me, then they stopped, looked at me, whispered something to each other, and then came gallavanting across the street, fists still raised high in the air, jumped the 2' flower garden seperating my bench and the street, and plopped down on either side of me. I could clearly see now that both were wearing masks made of duct tape, and I couldn't help but laugh and play along. The very quickly went about explaining, neither one ever completing a sentence while they took turns berrating my still waking ears, how they were Leavenworth's super hero's and they were out to stop crime. Then they quickly jumped up, pumped their fists in the air one more time, and they were off. I would've explained to them that it's far too early in the morning for crime in leavenworth, and that it's all still passed out drunk on the floor right now, but I don't think they would've heard me anyway. Oh well...still one more question though...what were two kids that young doing up running around downtown this early in the morning anyway!???


This is a side note away from the daily bench adventures...

If you could seriously pray for my friend Mark, I would greatly appreciate it. All I will say is he's going through a VERY tough time, and could really use God's strength and encouragement to get through this. Please, this isn't one of those yeah, lets do that and then forget about it deals...Please, right where you are, drop to your knees, bow your heads, whatever, but this guy REALLY needs the support in prayer. Pray that God will put his power to work very strongly in Mark's situation. Thanks,


BTW...I forgot to add that I'm going to meet Mark in KC on Sun (he lives out of town), to talk and pray with him. Please pray that God will speak through me.



At 11:35 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

YAY YAY!! Love the title...where did you get an idea like that? ha ha

I will definitely pray for your friend Mark.

Kids running around in the early morning posing as superheroes huh? Well, the new Superman movie did come out right? Perhaps they saw it already. Note to self...go to the movies to see Superman. Ok, check.

Hope you have a great weekend. Keep in touch. :-)

At 11:35 AM, Blogger CleanSlate said...

Hey those kids would have been me and Kim. Seriously we waz craaaaazzzy kids. Anywho, i was not taken aback that there was peace in leavenworth why do you think my family chose this place out of ANY where else? Hmm...? We loooovvee this place and i wouldn't trade it for anything. so meh...
oh and thanks sooooo much for yesterday, i'm really sorry about some of the stuff that was brought up i should have just smacked charity and told her to shut it. But i was talkin' with Katie, and maybe that was a conversation you would have rather heard since we were talking about anime, video games and technology and junk. So yar. But you are sooooo incredibly wonderful for just hanging in there! Well i guess i'll see ya sunday! SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! lol! ahem...anywho....ciao

At 9:29 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

Hey! Thanks for checking in on me. No, I haven't seen Superman yet. I'm probably going to go by myself soon b/c trying to find someone to go with is too much work b/c everyone else has plans...poo. Anyway, I digress...

I got a call from Frank (the owner at Northland PT in KC) last night. I was surprised b/c it was Sunday night but hey, whatever...I was just glad he called! He said that they need some more time to make their decision b/c they are considering multiple is going to come down to whether or not they need a new grad or an experienced PT. Since they are opening a new clinic on Berry (Barry?) Road soon, they have to juggle staff around and stuff and he wants to make absoultely sure that if they bring me on, that it will be a wonderful environment for me to learn. Frank said that the last thing he wants to do is bring me out there and not have it be a growing experience for me. He was nervous I think, expecting me to be upset that he hadn't come to a decision...but I reiterated that I respected him for covering all his bases and considering whether or not it would be a perfect fit for the clinic, and for me. Anyway, he did say that they are still very interested in me and that I would make a wonderful addition to their practice. He said that they have interviewed many people (including new grads) since May and I'm the only new grad they have been very impressed with. That made me feel good. Thank you God! So, he said he will be in touch within 2 weeks, if not sooner.

Thanks for your prayers. I have faith that God will show me where He wants me to be...

P.S. Sorry for the long comment!


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