Friday, June 16, 2006

Up and Running...

Ok, it took a bit of messing around, but I got internet fed into my laptop at the church.

So, I know it's been LONG overdue, so I'll try and give an update on some things going on...I'll likely forget some details, but here goes anyway.

Lets see...Ah, the house. I closed on the fourplex, but it was all rented out, they kicked one person out (it's all fine though) so they could sell it to me as a owner-occupier. Chris now lives in that apartment on his own, and mine and eric's mail goes there while we live in the church, and hopefully eventually get some work done on the upstairs. Chris is nice enough to let Eric and I come over and do our laundry and take showers occasionally, since we have neither directly available to us at the church. I collected rent on the first of the month, but have yet to pay the utilities. I think I'll still come out ahead with $ in my pocket, but the idea of the extra $ listed as income makes me nervous about taxes. I do realize that everything that goes towards interest on the house payment is completely deductable, but that only accounts for about's complicated, and I've got a LOT to learn about it all still. Anyway...

Yes, Eric and I are living at the church. Eric's kinda set up a small apt. in what will eventually be the youth room, and he loaned me his couch to sleep on in the basement. We are hoping (if we ever find a method of removing all the garbage upstairs) to clean up the upstairs and finish what will be the internship dorm for the future. Until then, we're almost's kinda funny to me. Some people at church didn't really understand, and offered me a place to stay, and I couldn't help but blush and tell them thank you, but no thank you, and then try and go on to explain the I generally take showers at work, over at Chris's, or at the community center after I work out, and Eric takes showers at Chris's or at the Gilberts (since he's there every day).

What else? Work is going GREAT!!! I love my job. I caught my first fire the other day...well, it was the first time I'd gone into a smoked up house and done a search at least. My captain and I were the second team in. The first guys in on the attack line put out the relatively small kitchen fire before we even saw it, but we did do an extended search on the main floor looking for someone...or at least that's what I thought. All I knew was my captain went down the hall looking for something, so I imagined it to be an older man by the looks of the home. Well, I'm doing a search of each bedroom, looking in the closets, under the bed everything, not know exactly what I'm looking for, all the while using the thermal imager to see if any sources of heat show up. So, I'm hollaring, "Fire Dept! Anyone here!? Hello? Fire Dept?!" Eagerly listening and anticipating a faint cry for help. After completing the search in a couple of bedrooms, my captain meets me in the hall to check in with me, and let me know that he didn't find anything in the other rooms, so we walk back to the main living room. The smoke had somewhat cleared in this section of the house, and my captain sent me out for a pickheaded axe to check for extension above where the fire was. When I walked outside, I overheard a couple of guys talking, and laughed as I discovered they had found what we were looking for. It was the guys dog. They found him down in the basement, and even if I had found him, I don't think he would've responded to my Oh well. We'll save being the hero for another It was a lot of fun though. It took everything I had not jump up and down and hoot and hollar when we got done and were outside loading hose. I was ready to do it all over again! LOL...we also caught a call at about 2 am the other day for a car rolled over a steep embankment and in the Missourri river! It wasn't actually in the river, but it was fun still. Three of us went down to the car where the patient was, and since I was the most experienced EMT, I kinda got to run the show down there, which was a blast.

Ok, enough about that stuff. Summer break is here, which always means things slow down for youth. So many of them are working, or gone on vac., or whatever, so we've switched to a deeper bible study on Thurs. which is completely voluntary for those who really want to press in further, and then a hang out activity every friday night. It's turned out pretty well so far. We haven't had great turn out for the bible studies, but it's been good for the people that have come, which is all I can ask for.

Worship has been going well. We've done a great job of incorporating new songs, and keeping some good praise songs in as well as intimate stuff. There have been a couple things that have been somewhat nagging issues, but I guess that just comes with the territory. And it's probably more my inability to handle it than anything.

Micah and Chrissy had a baby girl!!! 9 lbs. 5 oz's! Big baby...oh yeah. She'll end up thin like the both of them though, which is good. GOOD AND HEALTHY BABY!!! I don't know her name yet. All I know is I'm an uncle x2, and I will get to see her in a couple weeks. Yeah, that's right, I'm flying back on July 6th, and staying through the 16th. I'm REALLY looking forward to it...and no, those caps don't emphasize it enough.

Well, I think that's it for now...I've got to post on ephesians here, so I'll go for now..if I left something out, let me know.


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good hearing about your recent adventures Luke! So awesome! So when am I going to get an email Huh? (dad's don't count for me) Can't wait to see you and the fam all together! Love you!!!


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Luke said...

Hey mom! Which one do I email it to? I know you've got like 3 different address' and I can never keep up with whichones current. Anyway, email me real quick, and I'll reply to whichever one it is.

I also can't wait to see you guys. You really have no idea how anxious I am! It's gonna be great. I think I might stay at M&C's for a little bit, and maybe at your place for a bit as well.

So anyway, I emailed Dad my itinerary, so that should be good.

So yeah, email me.


At 3:05 PM, Blogger CleanSlate said...

I'm glad that work is going good for you! I hope you have fun going to see the new addition to the killough family! lol!


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